Yesterday a friend of mine called to tell me that a local warehouse store was selling essential oils in a kit. This store has locations all over and they sell in bulk. She was so concerned when she saw the display that she took a picture of it and sent it to me. It’s a package of seven oil blends that are labeled generic names like ‘Headache’, ‘Focus’, ‘Sleep’, etc. The problem is, there is no information on the quality of the oils except the usual, ‘100% pure’ statement which anyone can put on an essential oil label. The first thing I did was look the company up and just as I thought, there was no way to fact check any of their oils in any real way. This is concerning, especially since this company, and so many others, are saying that their oils are safe to apply to the skin and to sometimes take internally. After eight years with doTERRA I’ve seen a lot of things happen when the wrong oils are used in ways they shouldn’t be. ~ When doTERRA bottles an oil they put a stamp on the bottom of the bottle that has a quality code on it. By going to  you can add this number into our system and you can see the quality report on that exact batch of oil. If you’d like to try this out for yourself, my newest bottle of Clove oil has the number: 1818011A on it. Go to the Source to You website and put that number in. You will be able to see what I’m talking about right on your screen. And this site can be viewed all over the world, with many different languages being accessible. It’s a great way to get educated on the oils you are bringing into your home and also sharing with loved ones. ~ For more detailed information on this, please contact me directly!

Have a great day!    Jana


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